Data Validation Dropdown for "Merchant"

i’d like to put an autofill list for a merchants column, so i can add that after the fact without having to type it each time. I feel this is fairly simple but do not remember how to do it and am in the middle of an insurance nightmare from water damage so not as resourceful as usual. any help would be appreciated.

I believe you would just add a “Merchants” column to your Transactions sheet. Then add a “Merchants” column to your AutoCat sheet. Then you would put the merchants name in the Merchants column, and the condition(s) that would need to be met to want to fill in that merchants name (eg. if the “Full Description Contains” column contains “Home Depot” then set “Merchants” to “The Home Depot”).


thank you.
i was trying to bypass the problems people have had with the variability of descriptions by just making it a dropdown list that i can just choose the merchant or payee from. It occurs to me that i have not tried this solution so perhaps i will give it a try first before i resort to a separate drop down list. i do remeber having the problem mentioned back when i was using xero.

oh. the other problem is i understand autocat only works with feedbot, and the feed is often problematic for me, i am constantly having to fix it, so ta dropdown might still be preferable. it occurs to me i may be able to work it out by how the categories spreadsheet is set up.

Ahh, if you want a dropdown list to choose from, you would use a feature called “Data Validation”. I briefly explain how that works here.

thank you. i could not remember how to access that formatting. I set up a separate sheet called payee (decided that’s better for my purpose than merchant) and referred to the list using the formula the categories column uses as an example and it worked out fine. i may go back later and find a way to let me add entries on the fly but this is great for now.

If you are using Autocat and just want to standardize payee names in the Description column, you can do this directly with Autocat, @lised65.

In the Autocat sheet, the Description Contains column is a filter. The Category column is an override (since it doesn’t have a filter type suffix like “Contains” or “Starts With” or “Equals”). Just add a new column called Description which will function as a new, secondary override and put the data (e.g. cleaned merchant name) in the cell. Whenever an Autocat rules filters all match, the description will be overwritten as the category is added.