Debt Planner - Actual Payments Can't Populate for Some Accounts


I’ve been using the debt planner for a while. I have one account that will never populate the actual payment for that month.

Basically my mortgage doesn’t make the payment transactions available for download until the statement is produced, so for example:

I pay the mortgage on 2/24/2023, the transaction doesn’t download until 3/6/2023, so during the month of feburary the debt planner shows no actual payment. The transaction that downloads on 3/6/2023 downloads with a posted date of 2/24/2023, so even then the view of the debt planner for march doesn’t show the transaction.

Any ideas on how I can get the actual column populated? I’m thinking my only option is to manage that account manually.

Welcome to the community i also enjoy the debt planner sheet, however haven’t had that problem before,

Manually like you mentioned is where my first thought goes to solve this problem, create the manual transaction when you pay it and delete it once the posted transaction arrives.

It’s possible you could change some of the formulas to include the month previous for that account but I’m not sure how to do that. Maybe someone better with the formulas could take a stab at it.

Ah thanks. I gave that a try, and I also noticed there is a dropdown that lets me flag the transaction for reconciliation with the data feeds, which seems like it’s designed for dealing with this situation.

Although it looks like the “reconciliation workflow” is still under development, but this is a great start.

Yeh i believe that is the case of still under development you could still use that column though. And set up a filter to show transactions that have been flagged for reconciliation for now. Then you could delete the ones that have that flag on them once the actual one posts.

The reconcile workflow is functional should work for this situation, @msquires. The workflow is functional but sub optimally split between our two add-ons currently. We are working on moving the reconcile portion to Tiller Feeds. Hopefully that will go live later this year.