Debt Planner: Actuals Not Populating

Actual aren’t populating even though the are marked as transfers in transactions.

Someone might correct me but I don’t think transfers would show up, since it’s hidden from reports and it’s not the best way to do debt payments. Transfers are good for cards that you pay off in full each month, so you do a transfer from your bank to your card.
For debt payoff, it’s best to have a category for the debt (that way you can also budget for it.)
At a very basic level, you can have “Debt Payoff” and “Debt Payoff Received” but to really utilize the sheet with a budget, I’d keep “Debt Payoff Received” when your card/debt receives money, and then in stead of “Debt Payoff,” break it out by the debt, and then use that as the category when it leaves your account. The benefit of this also allows you to make two payments to your debt, if you want, one for the current month’s charges and one for the outstanding debt. If you’re paying off the current month, you can use “Transfer” and then outstanding debt would be “Card Payoff” and when received, just use the catch-all “Debt Payoff Received.”
Just make sure that in the categories sheet, the “Debt Payoff Received” is marked as hidden, so it doesn’t show up in reports or as income.

Have you seen this flow, @mmgalliv, regarding how payments flow into the template? You can see that they don’t come from the Transactions sheet. They flow from the Balance History sheet when a payment changes your balance.

I actually did get it to work with transfers I just had to add some in manually on the (positive) side since they were being automatically downloaded from the account. @yossiea Thank you so much for the feedback I Might try and play around with that as it is very clear.