Debt planner for hybird debt

It seems like the debt planner is for normal amortizing debt that is it’s own account?
Ie if I have an Amex Plan it debt, that’s amortizing over 2 years. but there are still monthly charges that are being paid in full each month, in order to use the debt planner I would need to somehow separate out the two amounts?

What you can do is the following:
For payments that are made in full each month, categorize the actual payments as “Transfer.”
For debt payments, what I do is have one category called “Debt Payoff Received” and that is a Transfer Type, so hidden from reports. Then I have a category for “Amex Payment” in Group “Debt” marked as Expense. Then, the debt planner will pick up the payments (and the bill payment template will pick up the category of Amex, if you want to track bills.)