Debt Planner not displaying correct account names

When setting up the Debt Planner sheet, some of the account names in the dropdown menu are not matching the names on my Tiller HQ. For Example, my mortgage account is named “Mortgage Loan” on my Tiller HQ, but it is displaying “Loan #” on the Debt Planner sheet. How do I get this to change?

This should be a temporary issue, it will take an import of data into your sheet with the new name in the tiller console in order to update the accounts tab which is where this data is fed from.

You can check in the accounts sheet to see if the name pulling over to the debt planner is the same there as what is showing on the debt planner. If it is still the “Loan #” then that account has not pulled in data since you have changed the name on the tiller console. If the new name is reflected in the accounts sheet then further troubleshooting will be needed.

Did you just recently make the account name changes on the tiller console?