Debt Planner Projected Freedom Date Incorrect

I’m having a problem with the debt planner sheet. The projected freedom date is wrong. I have only one debt here, too. I’ve restored the sheet a couple of times now, too, and no joy.

I also can’t seem to upload a media item or share a link to a screenshot. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT: Was able to add code with a link to the screenshot of my sheet!```

:wave: @yannibmbr!

Did you figure this out?

I’m wondering if you have entries for this account in your Balance History sheet for Jan 2021 or no?

I see the start month is Jan 2021 so possibly the cause of why the debt freedom date is wrong?

@randy would have a better idea, hoping he’ll chime in soon.


Sorry for the slow response, @yannibmbr. The Interest Rate looks fishy to me— it usually renders with a percent sign. Can you format that as a percent (with the button just above the B column to see how the spreadsheet is interpreting it?

If that doesn’t help, let me know.

@yannibmbr, did @randy’s recommendation help? Are you all set here?