Debt Progress Sheet: Payoff Method Not Updating w/ Data

Really love this sheet so thank you! …

However when choosing the different ‘Payoff Methods’ the columns of “Remaining Interest”, “Estimated Payoff”, & “Monthly Payment” are not updating with data.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
-Restored Sheet
-Added Interest Rate, Min Monthly Payment, & Rank data

Lowest Ranked

@rianandcourtney are the formulas showing up… or are the cells blank?

@warren the cells are blank. No formula(s) in the formula bar… except for the first account in the “Remaining Interest” column (see above 00000000023). Yet clicking and dragging down the lower right square of that cell is not copying the formula down in the “Remaining Interest” column. Any suggestions?

@rianandcourtney, did you try restoring the Debt Progress sheet using the Tiller Money Labs add-on?

Hi @heather Yes, I did try Restoring the sheet, that was my first troubleshooting attempt.

Oh sorry I missed that detail!

@randy any ideas here? I’m stumped.