Debt progress sheet question - two accounts with the same name and number

Hi there, I have two Student Loan accounts with the same account number and name (one is Navient, the other Dept of Ed). I recently added the Debt Progress sheet, but (I think) because the name and account number are the same, only one of them shows up in the Debt Progress sheet. I tried to use an account nickname to fix this but it only affects transactions and not the account names. Both accounts show up on the Balances sheet (I basically tell them apart because they have different balances) so I know that’s not the issue, but the Debt Progress sheet doesn’t allow duplicate accounts so I think that may be creating the problem. Any ideas on how I can fix it so they both show up?

@jfluegge A workaround can be to manually add the account and balance that isn’t showing up on the Debt Progress Sheet.

You can use the steps outlined in this article to add a manual account.

Once you have added the account, go to the Accounts tab (it is likely hidden) and select the account you just created in the dropdown menu and opt to hide it. This will prevent it from showing up in your Balances sheet as a duplicate (since the connected account already shows here).

You should then be able to select the “manual account” on the debt progress sheet.

Let me know how it goes.

@jfluegge, I think you’re probably right about the Debt Progress sheet not allowing you to pick a duplicate named/numbered account. I’ll see if we can also get the solution to recognize the accounts list based on Account ID (which is unique) vs the name/number as a unique identifier.