Default budget 'master list' to be the same every month?

I’m using the envelope / rollover budget sheet for almost 2 months, and we’re up against another month coming up and i haven’t figured out a solution yet for my issue.

I have a default ‘budget’ in mind for what i’ve been spending over the last X months and what i assume i’ll spend in the future. Obviously this changes month to month, but i want my ‘monthly budget’ to revert back to my expected spend every first of the month. I believe the spreadsheet auto populates from last month’s budget, which is an issue if i properly adjusted to make sure i had zero sum.

Example : April I have say $100 for Auto/Gas and $500 for shopping. I didn’t drive much so i only spent $50 on gas, so i allocated $50 to shopping (for a total of $550) so i could buy whatever. Budget is happy as its still zero sum.
May rolls around and my default budget I believe will show Auto/Gas : $50 :: Shopping : $550.
My desire is to revert back to my standard $100 / $500 without any intervention.

I think the answer is to modify the hidden ‘Budgets History’ Tab and put in next month’s budget ahead of time, and maybe do that for a number of months in the future? Is there a way to just do a one time ‘master’ list that the sheet will auto pull from every month?

Hi @jbsmoove, your assumption is correct. If you want the original, non-adjusted mid-month budget amount for the next month you’d need to manually create periods for future months to see those same re-used amounts.

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Thank you! This worked out correctly.

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