Deleting Accounts So They No Longer Show Up In Account Drop-downs

I had some issues with my main bank’s connection (the bank’s issue) and now all accounts from that bank have two connections. I went into the console and deleted the old accounts, as they were no longer updating. When I go into something like adding a manual transaction, the the old accounts are still showing up on the account drop-down. I also backspaced columns A-D on the Accounts tab for those old accounts. How can I get them to disappear from the account drop-down?

The Accounts sheet gets it’s information from the “Balance History” sheet. You’ll need to delete all the rows that refer to the account you want deleted. Once they are all gone, you won’t see that account anymore.

Awesome! Thank you! Is there a way to delete columns F-Q on the Accounts tab as well? When i tried deleting the entire row previously, they just came right back.

It can be a bit of a pain deleting all of the account entries, especially if you have been on Tiller for a while. . I find it easiest to go to Balance History Sheet and filter on the Account ID field and start typing in “manual”.

Then you can select all of the rows and delete all at once.

Yep - just what I did.

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you want those entries there. that is read directly from Balance History. NOrmally these columns are hidden.

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