Deleting Statement Entries?

Over the course of time the Statement sheet will have many, many entries and when reconciling in the Transaction sheet there will be many entries to choose from in the Statement column.

Is there a way to show only the most current Statement in the Transaction sheet? More so, if you delete entries in the Statement sheet does that cause issues?

I filled in row 3 to be black. That way I’m not tempted to put anything in the row since sorting the range with row 3 will mess up the array formula there. I then put the statements below this row and highlight C4:G and sort the range by column C from Z to A. This puts the dates in order, so when you go to the Transactions tab the most recent dates should be the ones showing up.

I don’t know whether deleting the entries would cause any issues other than error messages in the Statement column on the Transaction tab since they would not fit the data validation any more.

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I’d start by recommending a timestamp scheme so you can easily find the statement you’re looking for in the dropdown (e.g. yymmdd-bank = “200709-WellsFargo”).

There shouldn’t be an issue with deleting rows from the Statement sheet. You may find that those cells have broken data validation in the Transactions sheet (i.e. the reference statement name no longer exists in the Statements sheet). I’d delete one Statement row and see if that causes issues in your spreadsheet before deleting many.

I’m not sure what you mean about showing “only the most current Statement in the Transaction sheet”… Do you mean in the dropdown? That is not possible (all statement names from the Statement sheet will show). If you mean you want to filter the Transactions sheet, you can use the Google Sheets filter to filter on the Statement column. Alternatively, you can install the Statement Details sheet using Tiller Money Labs.


Yes! I didn’t even think about filtering DUH :slight_smile:
I will test out the deletion and see what happens though

Just for the sake of knowing. How do you figure implementing a timestamp routine. I am always looking for new ways of doing things and thought it would be helpful to know how you see this being done.

Do you mean just a naming scheme? There are some notes about the controls in the Statements sheet here:

I’d recommend trying the Statement Details template if you’re considering filtering since it adds some other cool features and automates what you’re interested in doing.


Even with a date-stamped naming format, I find it convoluted when the Statements dropdown in Transactions shows so many statement names to choose from. I can’t help but think this is going to become a real mess over time, with several statements being added a month. Would it be possible to add a field in the Statements sheet to indicate that a statement is “closed” or “complete” and then list in the Statements dropdown in Transactions only those statements that haven’t been marked as such?

Yes, agreed. Deleting the rows causes all sorts of issues but it does become cumbersome having all those appear in a list.