Demystifying Mobile Capabilities

I have searched through the forums a bit and think I have found some of these answers but not all. I am coming from Quicken and posts about mobile have left me with a few questions. Here we go:

Tiller documentation hints that downloading new txns (eg “filling”) isn’t possible on mobile but I’ve read it can be done on an iPad with safari using Google sheets when requesting desktop version…is that correct?

If correct,

  • what about on an iPhone using the desktop version?
  • would this method work for excel on either iPad or iPhone using desktop version?

Refreshing seems easier

  • accessible via tiller webpage on any device

Once new txns are download I want to view and categorize them on mobile. This too seems easy.

Multiple Options

  • accessible on web (google sheets, excel) - clunky
  • accessible in app (google sheets, excel) - clunky
  • accessible via glide app - smoother
  • accessible via GitHub scripts - advanced

I am assuming that once I download transactions on an iPad (or hopefully iPhone) a glide app would then pick them up and I could categorize. Is that right?


Good questions, @justinfl.

Our supported filling solution is built around a Google Editor add-on, which, last I heard, is only supported on desktop web browsers. This may change at some point but would depend on Apple and Goole. There appear to be some workarounds if you search, but I have not tried the solutions.

Once your spreadsheet is setup and linked, you might find that the Auto-fill feature allows the sheet to fill daily without needing to login on a PC or click anything in the add-on (though eventually you will need to re-authenticate).

Though you can categorize using a web browser or the Sheets app, I find that spreadsheets have really poor UX on a phone… so your mileage may vary.

I know some people have had success with the Glide app, but can’t speak to that personally.

Hope this helps.