Diagonal Stripes on Categories Sheet, and Monthly, Yearly Budget Sheets

Hi! Sorry if this can already be found, or is an easy fix I’m not seeing. I’m not sure how this happened, but my Categories Sheet has blue and gray diagonal stripes on the header of the Category, Group, and Type Headers.

Also, and more visually difficult to see, the entire budget sheets have gray and white stripes on each cell.

Not sure if I did anything to cause this, but I’m not and expert at spreadsheets and can’t seem to find the solution.

Thanks for any help!

Here are a few screenshots showing what I"m talking about. Thanks again!

I just Googled around and I think I found the answer. Go to your View menu and choose “Show” and then “Protected Ranges”. I believe that is how you show which areas are protected.


That did the trick, jpfieber! Thanks for coming to the rescue! :sweat_smile: