Disable categorization for some accounts

I would like to see ability to mark which accounts contribute to monthly budgeting (i.e., add “off-budget” column in the “accounts” tab). Accounts like 401k etc., should not need to have imported transactions categorized. If the off-budget column is true, then it should not be included in the following formula: =iferror(index(QUERY(INDIRECT(“Transactions!$A$2:$AA”),“select count(”&$T$11&") where ("&$T$10&" = ‘’ and “&$T$8&”>= date ‘"&text($Q$2,“yyyy-MM-dd”)&"’ and “&$T$8&”<= date ‘"&text($Q$3,“yyyy-MM-dd”)&"’)",0 ),2),0)

It wouldn’t be too difficult for me to do this myself but I think the Tiller budget solution would be better with it available for everyone.

Thanks for all the great work.

Hi @maktan,
I believe this ability exists. Take a look at your Accounts sheet.

You can select an account and then select Hide in Column D and it should hide that Account in reports.

If you don’t have an Accounts column, you might need to update to the latest version.

I have that column in the “Account” sheet, but that only removes the accounts from the “Balances” and “Net Worth” sheet calculations. It does not address the rollover budgeting sheet which will calculate that transactions need to be calculated even for “hidden” accounts.

I want the accounts to be “off budget” but still have my “Balances” and “Net Worth” sheet calculations include “off budget” accounts.

Does that make sense?

Hi @maktan, I’m sorry that didn’t work out as planned. I think I understand what you are saying.

I’m not as familiar with the rollover budgeting sheet.

Would it work if you gave the transactions in those accounts a Category that was hidden? I’m not sure about all the ramifications of that but just throwing it out there based on what features already exist in Tiller.

That works, but the 401k accounts have multiple transactions everyday - so I don’t want to bother categorizing them. YNAB supports this concept of “off budget” accounts, which is what I am familiar with and prefer - but yes I could categorize these into a hidden category.

Hi @maktan
Thanks for the feedback.

One other idea I had was to manually re-write some of the formulas to exclude the Accounts your don’t want to see. But that might be pretty complex. I haven’t tested that.

We will consider this feature request that you propose. If others reading this think it would also be useful, please reply below.

You might also try using AutoCat to help with the categorization of those 401k transactions. If they use a consistent description (or at least if part of it is consistent every time) AutoCat can handle categorizing them.

There is a somewhat related feature request here that I think is probably more of what you’re looking for anyway though:


The AutoCat might work, but I just decided the less cumbersome thing to do at this point is to use a separate sheet for my net worth and total account balances.

Nevertheless, it seems natural that some accounts should be able to part of a sheet without being a part of your budget/envelopes. Hopefully off budget accounts will be added to version of the envelope-budget solution.

Another option I thought of, if you were going to keep the data flowing and just wanted everything in one sheet, would be to just hide the Categories that are associated with 401k Transactions. Wouldn’t that work? They won’t show on the Budget dashboard or be included in the calculations for your budget balancing.

There is a “hide from reports” column in the Categories sheet. That’s how you mark certain ones as “hide.”

If you just don’t want to have to deal with categorizing the transactions, that’s the feature request I mentioned in the last reply.