Discussion and Docs for the Foundation Template

Hi @rdy373,

There isn’t a way to filter out transactions from specific accounts (though that’s a great feature request idea. Your sheets will continue to work as they always have, so there really is no need to transition right now. You also don’t need to combine the Net Worth Tracker into the Foundation template if you wanted to keep those separate. You could start in a blank sheet and feed the data for investments into it and then install the Net Worth Tracker using Labs and then just have a separate Foundation template sheet.

Let me know if you have more questions on that.

Hello, working in the Tiller Foundation Template and appears the ‘Monthly Budget’ tab has an issue/bug in how its identifying expenses & income by groupings. This occurs in my sheet when I have a ‘Group’ that has both income and expenses, for example I had the following rental property ‘7519 127th Pl NE’ and the income and expense subtotals are incorrect. Perhaps I’ve done something wrong, and I suppose I could have 2 separate groups for the property, 1 for income, 1 for expense, but that seems suboptimal. Raising my hand on this in case no one else has and please advise I’m the error. Thanks~

:wave:, @jtbarron. Thanks for your post here. @randy are you aware of how the Monthly Budget sheet would handle income/expenses that are under the same group? I’m not familiar with how the formulas are handling this.

@heather Hi! I am also seeing this issue, I think. I group property expenses/income similarly to @jtbarron. I’m ALSO seeing strange behavior where it seems like it is adding positive income budget to negative expense budget for a much higher net budget for the group. I’ll attach a screenshot:

(Note, only look at the 4081 Line items. There are hidden rows containing additional budgets)

Are you aware if there’s an update on this? Thnx

I’m sorry that the Monthly Budget sheet is not currently smart enough to handle this scenario.
At this time, the group names should be distinct.

Feel free to submit this change in as a feature request. :wink:

@richorrichard you might also want to check out the new community rental property spreadsheet tracker. :wink:

@randy I would have pegged it as identifying a calculation/accuracy bug, but who I am to decide. If this is considered a feature i.e., not to be resolved until it gets voted onto an upcoming sprint, what could be helpful is to include verbage in the Tiller Foundation Quick Start Guide stating Groups need be named uniquely for accurate calculation of expenses/income. Thank you both for responding to this issue.

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I hear you, @jtbarron.
If you peek under the hood in the dashboard and the hidden area of the sheet, you will see that the formulas to organize and render categories dynamically in their groupings are quite complex. (Some complex things are very easy to do in a spreadsheet, and some simple things are very complex.) The data lookups to pull in the values are currently built around matching values to a group name (they are not multifactorial). When we built those formulas, we did not anticipate that users would use the same group name for both types of categories… perhaps we should have.

As a workaround, you can probably get away with adding just a space or an underscore to the group names for one category type.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

@randy Very true, I’ve enjoyed/hated - depending on my mood and the weather that day :slight_smile: - hacking into Tillers formulas to play around, tweak things and learn new tricks. Tiller definitely has some crazy puzzles of formulas going on. I’ve taken your advice to simply rename w/ a space in front. Thanks for the easy, workable solution suggestoin.

Cool. Glad you got it sorted.

I hear you though… sometimes those little equation puzzle are great fodder for learning and other times they’re just too much to bother with.

Take care,

Hello :slight_smile: I accidentally deleted a month/year column in the Categories sheet and now the budget for that month isn’t displaying on the budget sheet, even though I tried to re-add the column and populate the budget data. I’ve made other changes to the sheet since then… Is there any way to add the column back in so that it links with the monthly budget and populates the data for that month again?

@heather, by any chance, do you know how I might fix the above issue? ^^

I noticed a bug in how the hidden categories are displayed.
In the monthly tab the hidden categories are correctly hidden, but in the yearly tab the hidden categories are still totaled into the figures.

Thanks for pinging me @kjlawless!

I actually haven’t had to troubleshoot that specific issue before so I’m not 100% sure how to address it. Was it the first month column in Categories or a random one in the middle?

In the Foundation template every month after the first one uses a formula to help populate the dates for the months to offer flexibility in the start/end of a budget year so maybe the formula needs to be there? You might make a copy of the Foundation Template fresh and see if you can get it back in sync. You also may need to restore the Monthly and Yearly budget sheets using the Tiller Labs add-on to fix the column references but the Categories sheet needs to be corrected first.

This is all assuming you’re truly using the Foundation Template (sheet created after 8/26/19).

If you’d rather just start fresh you can use the Migration Helper From Tiller Labs to move your Transaction and Category (excepting budget values) data from the original to the new.

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Thanks @JPV! I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce and we’ll get it fixed if that’s the case.

Is there a way to add a line to the “Yearly Budget” page to show what my available cash balance from a selected account (checking, savings, etc) would be when offset by each month’s budgeted Income and Expenses?

Hi @tommyjed,

I am not aware of a way to present that information in the Yearly Budget sheet, no.

I think the closest thing we have to that is the “Tiller” balance in the “Business Dashboard” that allows you to project balances based on manually entered transactions you expect to reconcile when Tiller brings them in automatically.

Good question, @tommyjed.

Since budgets don’t designate accounts, it would take a lot of rework to try to project individual account balances. For example, if you’re going to spend $100 in February at Whole Foods, should that affect your checking account balance or your credit card balance?

For this reason, it seems more intuitive that you would project balances at the Net Worth level— where all income and expenses are aggregated.

I’d consider adding the Net Worth solution via the Tiller Labs add-on. From there, it shouldn’t be too hard to sum budgets typed as Income or Expense in the Categories sheet, properly net them by month, and create a table that maps out future net worth values.