Divide up balance by LLC members?

I have a question on splitting/adjusting account balances. I am part of an LLC and have the bank account set up, but I want to see if there is a way to add a formula to the balance so that it divides the balance it is pulling in by the number of members in the LLC. That way I am only seeing my portion of the account on the balances sheet and net worth sheet.



I’m sure there is a way to do this, but it would require probably pulling the balance for that account(s) into a separate sheet and then manually dividing it by the number of LLC members. It’s not something any of the Labs templates offer out of the box and the Foundation template doesn’t support it out of the box either.

There may be some other clever way to do it that someone here can recommend :wink:


On the balances sheet, how does the account balance pull in? I see the formula for the account name, but in the cell for the actual balance it just shows the number


Quick solution - manually divide the numbers on the balance history tab. Those numbers flow to the balances tab.

Comments -

What are you doing about the transactions?

Maybe you want to create a new template for just the LLC. Tiller allows you the have 5 templates. If the LLC is easy, this new template could be your books and records for the LLC. You are going to need something to file a tax return.

If you provide additional facts the community will provide more specific guidance.

But I don’t believe Tiller allows you to link between templates, do they? If so, I could create a template for the LLC and then on the regular one pull the balance in from there.

However, even on the LLC template it will still pull the same bank balance that I am looking to do the formula on.


Yes, no linking between templates but you can link an account to multiple templates.