Dividends paid through payoll

Hi All - My company has started paying dividends on awarded stock through payroll so I now have line item in payroll as income and taxes are taken out of that. Since these payments happen quarterly and change, I added in income line to my budget “Dividend Income” as a way to track it separately. I have also been debating whether I should show an estimate for the budgeted amount or just assume $0 income for this line and let it roll over quarter to quarter. I was thinking I could use this as a surplus in the event I have some of my expense categories go over budget or if I have an unexpected item I hadn’t considered. Curious how other deal with something like this. Alternatively I could be conservative and hold a budget amount for this income and track it like normal income against my expenses.


Not the same circumstance, but I personally like to budget for my investment income as $0 just to see what extra amount is in the green each month and YOY that isn’t budgeted for like my primary income.