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Hi @JasonE,

I’d recommend checking out this help article on fixing the validation for the Category column on your Transactions sheet.


I’m having the #REF! error described in " How can I correct a REF error on my Budget Dashboard". I’m using the Foundation Template and looking at the monthly budget.

When I follow the instructions above “Choose Tiller > Budget > Restore Dashboard” I don’t see that choice, I only see Tiller > Budget > Start (which fails because I already have a budget).


Dynamic shortcuts not working in the Monthly Dashboard. I have tried clearing out the cell and running the Analyze Budget History, doesn’t help. The text just sits in the cell.

UPDATE: I restored the dashboard but it still doesn’t work.

If you are using the Foundation Template, @bfarris, and the Monthly Budget that comes with that spreadsheet, you should be using the Tiller Labs add-on (not the Tiller add-on) to restore that sheet.

I’m sorry this is confusing— both the naming of the add-ons (Tiller Labs vs. Tiller) and the name of the templates. (We are working to make it less confusing.) The Tiller Budget you ran the restore workflow for is an envelope budgeting system.

Try loading the Tiller Labs add-on and then use Manage Solutions to restore your Monthly Budget.

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Are you saying that, when you type an adjustment into the Tiller (envelope) budget dashboard, the add-on’s onEdit() script doesn’t fetch the text and make the adjustment to your budget, @brewer.05? I assume the Tiller add-on is installed for the spreadsheet you are using? If the script isn’t running, then it is possible that something odd about your spreadsheet is causing a crash during execution of the adjustment scripts.

Can you peek at your Budgets History sheet and see if anything looks out of the ordinary?

Do the scripts not run for any categories? Or just a few specific ones?


I went in and made a few changes manually in the Budgets History sheet (risky I know, but my OCD was killing me that I couldn’t get the numbers right on the custom dashboard I created). That worked, and for whatever reason, the dynamic shortcuts are working perfectly now. Thanks!

Glad to hear it, @brewer.05.
The Budgets History isn’t really off limits for editing— there are some advanced changes that are best made there— but it is a little bit challenging to know where and how to make changes there.

Happy that you’re back on track.

Hello. I’m trying to find a way to add a beginning balance to my income amount for this month to be available to budget.

Previously I was using the old/original version of YNAB (YNAB 4), which allowed you to allocate income received for the month as either for the current month or the next month. I usually allocated a portion of my second check for the following month. I thought I could use the rollover function, and just leave the amount that I wanted to be allocated unbudgeted, but I can’t find a way to add my initial starting balance so that it is included in my income to be budgeted. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to use the budget spreadsheet in this manner?


I am trying to install a new version of the rollover budget so that I can use the Money Feeds feature instead of the Feedbot. I can open the template, but I don’t see the “Add to sheets” function in the Tiller Add On in order to continue the process.
Any help would be appreciated.


If you’ve already got the Tiller add-on installed you just need to open the add-on and choose > Budget > Start to install the Rollover features into any Google Sheet.

If you’re looking for the Tiller Money Feeds add-on that’s here for install:

If you’ve already installed it, it should show in your Add-ons menu and you just open it and choose “Launch” (or Open Sidebar)

Does that help?

I am getting this error when I try to launch the Money Feeds:

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 12.24.13 PM

@brewer.05, give it another try. I believe we just pushed the fix for that.

That worked. Thank you!

I am trying to do something similar to @BrittneyP – I’d like to mimic YNAB’s set up of working a month ahead, i.e. income from this month will pay for next month’s expenses. I’ve read through the guide but have not yet found how to do this. Any suggestions?

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I’m curious to hear about this strategy as well. Any response to this @heather or @randy ? I see responses were given to another user who’s question came after Brittany, so I don’t want this to get lost.

Thanks :blush:

I’m not certain I understand the specifics of the question, @sam.roderick, but would setting the rollover for the month meet your needs? I.e. would creating a start-of-month rollover amount matching your previous month’s income be similar to paying for this month with last month’s income?


P.S. Thanks for pinging me, @Nakeva. :wink:

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Hi Heather. I recently migrated from the older version to the new foundation template. I basically started over, but now I don’t have any of the budget info from 2019. I’d like to add this to the foundation template but I cannot find the Budgets History sheet, even when I click on the four horizontal lines as you describe above. It is not listed as a selection (not hidden). Do you have any advice on how I make that appear or add 2019 budget data? I have all the actuals and would love to start seeing some comparisons for 2020. Thanks!


I installed the Tiller Budget Template but I do not see all these columns for ‘Fixed’ and ‘Flex’ nor do I see the ‘Rollover’ column in the ‘Categories’ tab. Where do I get these?!

Hi there - I just moved everything over to the Tiller Sheet where Rollover is enabled and monthly budgets are adjusted on the Dashboard in the green cell.

I’ve read this post several times but for the life of me, I can’t find what seems is a simple answer:

Do I need to manually add my category budgets each new period (a month for me) using the green cells? Or is there a way make sure my previous period’s category budget is the default budget for each new period (saving me from adding it in from scratch each month). I thought the green cells were for adjustments to budgets (and to initially set up the budget) – but do I need to add my budget amounts each month, even if they tend to be the same?