Docs: Monthly Analysis worksheet for Excel

Yep, that worked, but then it messed up the 2023 data. I guess I just have to save separate files for each year?

If you follow the steps in the help article you should be able to preserve access to previous budgets and also add new years.

Hi Randy - the Monthly Analysis sheet was working great for me. However, after saving a version the sheet went to #value for all months. Any thoughts on how to fix?


Hi, When using Monthly Analysis and selecting a Date Range from B2, I get a drop-down list that starts with “Past 12 Months”, then includes every year from 1900 down to 2024.
Don’t know if this was intended. Also, I am wondering if in the Date Range options if there’s a way to compare only current month to last month. or current month to same month last year?


The intent is just to show the data for the date ranges available in the dropdown and what you see when you select it is what you get as far as comparisons. It’s a month over month comparison for the adjacent months based on the selected date range only.

Markv6 - not sure if this helps but I had something similar (Dates back to 1900) when I pasted older Mint transactions into the Transactions Sheet. I screwed up the range and it included blanks which gave me what you were seeing dates back to 1900. I went into Table Design and reset the Transactions to only include valid rows. That fixed the monthly analysis date range for me.

Thanks for the update @bburwell

@randy, I just downloaded the workbook. The filename reflects v1.01 231027, but I see v1.02 when I open it.

Thanks for your hard work.

Thanks for the feedback @PistolePete !