Docs: Simple Business Dashboard

Responding to your enumerated points…

  1. I designed the Tiller account balance column to hide itself if it matched the latest balances from the bank feeds. If you were to add a manual, unreconciled transaction (to any of your accounts) via the workflow in the Tiller Labs add-on, you should see the Tiller account column appear. The idea is to show current account balances as your bank sees them next to balances offset by unposted transactions per your Tiller Transactions sheet.
  2. Great catch. I found a stray formula in AG10 that was blocking the ARRAYFORMULA() that superseded the in-cell calculations. I updated the master and updated the version of the solution.
  3. To reduce dependencies and sheet proliferation, I decided to remove the Setup-sheet functionality from the refreshed business suite architecture. There is really no magic in the Setup sheet other than a centralized place to store information used by your business. Since you have the sheet, you can still manually wire your dashboards and (hidden) report templates :wink: back to your legacy Setup sheet (e.g. for logos and addresses)… Just be aware that you’ll need to rebuild those links if you do a dashboard restore or upgrade.
  4. I’m not seeing this issue on my personal sheet… and I’m not sure how to fix it. I removed all decimals from the formatting in the hidden cells that feed those charts in the master (in version 2.01). Not sure if this will do the trick. If it doesn’t work and you find an answer, let me know.
  5. Glad to hear that is fixed.
  6. I think so. The new version is intended as a more-stable & improved replacement and I don’t think there is any functionality you’d lose by deleting.

Be sure to check out the group reporting in the upper right focus chart. That’s a cool new feature.

Thanks for the quick and detailed feedback, @blake.
Happy New Year!

P.S. The new business dashboard won’t recognize manual transactions added via the older Tiller add-on. I haven’t documented how to migrate those yet as I’m behind on all of the manual-transaction workflow documentation. Hoping to get to that soon.

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