Docs: Simple Investment Calculator for Google Sheets

Cool, making a mental note to do this soon… likely next week, crazy busy at work lately. Thanks for updating!

No rush but let us know when you get a chance to peek at it, @diogo6.

Hello, this template us great and love how simple it is to use. To start I was just using the manually entered account information section of the sheet and has entered several lines but the chart still only shows a total line not lines on the chart by manual account in addition to the total line. Is there a reason for that? Thanks.

Hi @EVS thanks for reaching out. I see what you mean, I’m going to dive in and see if we need to push a fix.

Actually I think you should just be able to open the chart editor, edit your data range to be as far down as you have manual accounts (ex: L8:BC56 should work) then click on one of the accounts under series, to change it select an account from your Manual Accounts section.

Does this help?

I was able to easily install this without any issues. Thank you. I’m wondering what the formula is behind the calculations to generate the future value? The calculation seems a little optimistic? If I run $5,500/month contribution for an account with a PV of 1 dollar and a RoR of 7% until 2034 the result is $4,146,112 in the Simple Investment Calculator. If I plug these same numbers into excel using the formula FV=(Rate of Return, Years of Saving, -Yearly Contribution), the result is $1,041,718

Did I setup the Simple Investment Calculator wrong?

So weird thing is that the drop down for accounts shows more accounts than are in BD12:B. (Incidentally, the drop down should be BD12:BD not BD12:BF).
The account list in BD only shows asset accounts and only those unhidden. In the drop down to select account in A, I’m seeing all.
(Also, not seeing any filter on your page to only show assets and not liabilities, which should be in place.)
I’m seeing different results in the list of accounts in BD based on the “hide” filter.
I tried = “Hide”, I tried <> “Hide” and I tried <> “Hgide” and I got different results.
It’s possible that if an account is being overwritten over in Column A on Accounts, something happens to it.

Thanks for the suggestions, @yossiea. I bumped the version to 1.03 and fixed the dropdown validation to use the range BD12:BD and also filter on only Asset accounts (thought I’m already wondering if that should be !=Liability instead)… :thinking:

@BorderlineFarm I used the formula in Google Sheets for future value (FV = rate, number of periods, payment amount, present value, end or beginning) and it’s modified for a monthly rate and contribution at the end of the month.

It’s also modified to only calculate the remaining few months of 2023. Were you also applying the rate an contributions for a monthly calculation in Excel?