🏆 Docs: Transaction Tracker (Excel)

Thanks so much for this, @yossiea! Your Transaction Tracker is simple but original and super handy. It is the Swiss-army knife of slicing and dicing transactions history. The UX is simple and intuitive. The performance is responsive. Bonus points for knocking it out a Transaction Tracker sibling in Google Sheets. Hat’s off.

We are super excited to award our first 2022 Microsoft Excel Builders Challenge spot award, a $100 gift certificate. :clap:

If you’re open to a little developer-to-developer feedback for a future release, here is what I’ve got:

  • The Category filter doesn’t seem to be wired in A10.
  • The sheet doesn’t work great when the Tags and/or Note are not present. (They are not standard in our Excel Foundation Template.) Is there a way to make the sheet more tolerant of failures to find these columns?
  • When no results are found, the user sees a #CALC error. Consider wrapping A10 in an IFERROR() function with a “No results” output. (Though this might hide other issues— like columns not being present.)
  • Consider changing the user-input fields backgrounds to a light green color to indicate they are user-editable.
  • I like the Transaction Tracker name but “Tracker” is such a broad term. This almost feels more like a Transaction Slicer and Dicer. :hocho: :kiwi_fruit:

Thanks again for all your hard work and creativity, @yossiea!

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