Docs: Useful tax time reports

Generate a quick annual summary

If you need to quickly see the total amount spent or earned for a specific set of categories for the entire year for tax reporting you can do this easily with a pivot table by year in a Google Sheet.

If you’re just starting out with Tiller you’ll only see about 90 days worth of data. Use these steps to get your entire reporting year into your sheet.

  1. Add the year column to your Transactions sheet
  2. Select all the data in your Transactions sheet by clicking the square above row 1 and to the left of column A
  3. Open the Data menu and choose “Pivot table,” which will create a new tab in your spreadsheet.
  4. On the pivot table configuration sidebar choose “Category” for the row.
  5. Choose “Year” for the column.
  6. Choose “Amount” for the values.
  7. Add any filters you may want to further filter the data like the year or certain categories.

Generate a detailed itemized deduction report

If you itemize your tax deductible spending instead of taking the standard deduction you can use Tiller’s Category Rollup report for a detailed analysis of your itemized spending for tax time reporting.

Note : consult with a tax advisor or account regarding what types of spending are eligible for itemization on your tax return.

  1. Add the Tags column to your Categories sheet.
  2. Tag categories as “Tax” that you want to include in the itemized deduction reporting.
  3. Configure the Category Rollup report using the “only categories tagged Tax” option for the tax reporting time range.
  4. Generate the Category Rollup report
  5. Export to PDF or share your sheet with your accountant.