Docs: Weekly Analysis sheet


Quickly see how much you’ve spent in a specific category over a customizable number of weeks with the Weekly Analysis sheet. You’ll see the average across the number of weeks to the left and then the actual spending for that category charted out to the right.

Red indicates you went over the average that week. Green indicates your spending was below the average.

How to add the Weekly Analysis sheet

You can also get a quick analysis of four weeks of spending data and the average over the period.

Quickly add a Weekly Analysis sheet to any Tiller-powered Google Sheet using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

  1. Open your Tiller-powered Google Sheet
  2. Install or launch the Tiller Community Solutions add-on
  3. Open the add-on and choose "Analysis” from the tags dropdown on the Explore tab
  4. Click on Category Tracker
  5. Choose “Add to spreadsheet”


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