Docs: Weekly Trends Spending


See your spending for all categories over the past five weeks and a glimpse at the relative trends within each category.

How to install

Quickly add a weekly trends reporting sheet to any Tiller-powered Google Sheet using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

  1. Install the Tiller Community Solutions add-on
  2. Open the add-on and choose "Analysis” from the tags dropdown on the Explore tab
  3. Click on Weekly Trends
  4. Choose “Add to spreadsheet”
  5. Start reviewing your weekly spending trends



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I’m new here, so I may not have seen it yet, but can we get something like this for months, rather than weeks? Ideally, the past six months would be wonderful.

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Hi @stevation, we don’t have this for monthly periods at this time. The next best thing would be the Monthly Analysis sheet but it doesn’t have the same visuals.

Thanks, Heather. I did choose the Monthly Analysis sheet last month, deleted the graph and hid some rows at the top so I go directly to the categories by month, and I have a handy sheet of monthly trends arrayed in the same format as the monthly budget, so I like it.


Fabulous idea! I just did the same and now Monthly Analysis is the sheet I’ve been wanting! Thank you, stevation!