Does anyone else have to refresh paypal every day (with 2F authentication)?

This is in the category of merely annoying, but… I have to refresh paypal every day (I think that’s the granularity) before filling sheets. Refreshing involves doing the 2 factor authentication that I have set up for paypal, so at first I thought maybe that was it (maybe it was even a good thing), but then I realized that all my other feeds also have 2 factor authentication, but they don’t have this problem. Fortunately, I don’t use paypal that much so I basically just update once a week, but I thought it was worth posting in case others are seeing this also.

To be more clear: the “Tiller Money Feeds” extension “Connected Accounts” line each day says: :warning: 1 institution with linked accounts needs your attention. It’s PayPal, so I “refresh” it, put in the 2FA, then we’re good to go for another day.

+1 - Not sure it was every day, but nearly so I disabled it.