Does Tiller have a formal affiliate program?

Maybe some kind of “Give X, Get Y” offer?

Thank you for your interest in Tiller Money’s new affiliate program,

We have teamed up with Awin to offer a great platform for tracking customer referrals with real time click reporting and twice monthly payouts.

You can find the link to sign up with Awin here and apply to join our Advertiser Network. Please include a personal message when applying so that we don’t miss you.

For any further questions or more information reply here or email us at

Hello Jack! Sorry for a bit of a delay on your inquiry. Tiller Money does have an affiliate program. You can read all the details here:

For more information, I can answer your questions here, or you can email (You can also email me at

Thanks again for asking!

Thanks for getting back to be @warren and @Edward. Noted!