Double click to drill into?

I am an excel guy and never really learned Gsheets… I love Tiller and have transitioned my finances to it this year. Its been great BUT I am missing my favorite feature and I am wondering if there is a way to recreate it.

My excel system consisted of downloading all of my accounts and importing them into excel…then do pivot table on them. As you can imagine that took a while and Tiller has salved a lot of time for me. At the same time i have lost my FAVORITE feature of the excel pivot - double click to drill into a cell. My workflow typically consists of a monthly review - update all my transaction categories and then review the yearly summary by month. Then go category by category and see what my monthly trends look like. But when I have questions, I used to just double click to drill into a field (ex: groceries for March looks high so let me drill into the detail). In Tiller, I know I can switch to another sheet and review this but it takes extra time. Perhaps I am missing the right way to do this. Any ideas?

Google sheets still supports pivot tables and you can do drill downs just like excel . Are you unable to make this work?

thanks @richl !! I haven’t spent the time to try to build the pivot since I have not really ‘learned’ gsheets yet. Knowing its possible i can give it a shot. how difficult is this to accomplish given what I am describing? (monthly by category as a pivot table). How does the drill down behavior work? does it create a new sheet like excel does?

Yes it works almost exactly like excel. But even better the pivot tables in sheets automatically updates when the data changes. No need to hit the refresh button? Give it a shot

A plus of Google sheets pivot tables is that they let you filter by simple criteria such as containing text, etc. The filters available in sheet view are similarly flexible. I’ve not found an equivalent in Excel yet (I have to use a helper column).

The “gotcha” in Google sheets pivot tables is that there is no way to create one that automatically grows the row range it uses as Tiller adds more transactions.

The way Google sheets handles grouping by date in a pivot table is hard to discover and different from Excel. This video is a good tutorial on how to do it: You can also pivot on the Month and Week columns in the Transactions sheet, if you wan to do it that way.