Downloaded transactions are 4/5 days behind date

Was just wondering why my transactions are 4/5 days behind the date? So today is the 1st, just ran update and only got all the transactions up to the 26th.

Is this a bank setting or just generally how banks work?

If you haven’t received recent cleared transactions in the last 24 hours try manually refreshing accounts from the Tiller Console and then update your sheet. Once a refresh is successful, you should be able to pull in your most recent transactions that have posted to your account. Pending transactions will not be pulled in.

Do banks always have the transactions pending for a few days? I have already spent the money so why is it pending… kinda broken logic.

Most transactions take a few days to clear, depending on which network they take place on. There’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes involving multiple companies. The merchant authorizes your transaction at the POS. Later, usually daily, they send all of their authorized transactions to their processor. The processor then collects from the bank minus the various cuts and sends the merchant their proceeds, minus their own cut. Transactions on the debit network (I can’t remember the actual name offhand) settle a little quicker, sometimes instantaneously. And ALL of this happens faster than it did not so long ago when we wouldn’t even notice such things because by the time we got the statement in the mail everything was taken care of. :laughing:

But short answer, yes this is normal.