Drop-down menu in "Add transaction" window not showing all accounts

Hello Tiller community. I hope you are in satisfactory condition today.

I have checked and double-checked that a particular online savings account is in fact connected with my Tiller account. Yep, it’s there.

When I use the Add Transaction function under Extensions/Tiller Community Solutions/Add Transaction, this bank account does not show up as one of the choices in the dropdown menu (the menu labeled “Account”).

How can I get the dropdown menu to show all my linked financial institutions, and specifically this particular online bank?

Thank you.

Hi @cogreg
Crazy questions…but to help with the troubleshooting…

  1. In your Balance History sheet, if you filter on the column for Account, can you filter for balance entries for the missing online savings account and see any entries?
  2. Have you been able to successfully download transactions from the online savings account to the Transactions sheet?
  3. Is the missing account listed in your Accounts sheet?
  4. If so, is there a red error triangle in the cell with the online savings account’s name, on the Accounts sheet?
  5. If the account is missing in your list and you select a blank cell in Column A on your account sheet and click the dropdown, is the missing account in that list?

Apologies for the fire drill, but working through this may help flush out the issue.

Hi @cogreg,

In addition to @Brad.warren’s suggestions, you can double-check the following as well…

  1. Is the account in question linked to your spreadsheet? It’s possible to have the account on your Tiller dashboard, but not linked to a spreadsheet.
  2. If you have a large number of accounts linked to your spreadsheet, it is possible that you need to add new rows and expand the formulas in columns F - Unique Account Identifier, and H - Account.

I appreciate your help. Here are my answers to the “fire drill” questions.

  1. In the Balance History sheet, I cannot find a single entry for the missing online savings account.

  2. Downloading transactions - do you mean download a CSV file from the bank and then upload it to my Google Sheets? I have done that with other accounts, but not this one.

  3. Nothing at all is listed on my Accounts sheet.

  4. Not applicable in light of answer to question #3.

  5. As noted, there is no list of accounts. (There IS, of course, a list of accounts on the Tiller Console at sheets.tiller.com.)

Again, thank you!

Greg C.

Thank you for offering support.

  1. The account in question does show a check mark under the “Linked” column in the Tiller Console.
  2. Is it in the “Transactions” sheet where one would need to expand formulas? Also, I don’t see columns labeled “Unique Account Identifier” anywhere in my Tiller Google Sheet.

Again, thank you!

Greg C.

Hi @cogreg,

No, the formulas would be in the Accounts sheet in the hidden section. You will need to unhide columns F and beyond in order to see them.

Hi @cogreg

I think as @cculber2 is on to…you need to have had at least one successful download of transaction data for that account from your financial institution to your Tiller sheet to populate the dropdowns. The area that @cculber2 is pointing to is driven by data on your Balance History sheet (my question 1 above.) So, if you have no data there from a download, you may not see that account anywhere but on the console.

Since you’ve confirmed the account is linked, can you try a manual refresh of the savings account on the console and then open the Tiller Money Feeds extension and select Fill Sheets. You should have some data brought over, at least one entry for a balance, and this should “light up” everything else. (Check your Accounts sheet and see if it shows up there.

BTW…are you able to download any transactions via Tiller’s automatic refresh or a manual refresh?

On the other hand, I could be way, way off and trying these steps could cause your laptop to start smoking and your savings balance to mysteriously, but gratefully, be transferred to my fully operational Tiller sheet and balances.

I’ll be watching. It could show up in @cculber2’s sheet too…
:rofl: :joy:

Let us know…this is fixable.

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@cogreg double check that the particular account is linked to the sheet. This is a separate step after the account is connected to Tiller.

If it’s definitely linked to the sheet but no entries are appearing in Balance History I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login