Dropping One Financial Instituion and adding a new one

Folks, I am dropping one financial institution and planning to add a new one.
I could not find the article searching the Tiller Community, but is there some advice dropping a financial instituion then adding a new one? What are the watchouts??

Sorry if this is a repeat question.

Thank you. Tom Hall

Here’s some help documentation for removing accounts and institutions. As the article states - removing the account and institution connections will not delete any of your Transactions already in your sheet.

[Removing Accounts and Institutions] (How to Remove an Account or Institution Connected to Tiller | Tiller Help Center)

Hope this helps,

Fred, thank you for the help documentation!

I actually drop/add accounts a lot (well, used to). I never really “drop”. I “hide” (an option in the accounts tab) accounts so that I do not lose any data and add new ones like normal. It’s not an elegant solution but it works fine.

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Thanks Susan, I will give that a shot.

Thanks for your time!

Let us know how @susandennis’s approach works for you, @hall.thomas.e.