Duplicate Accounts in Balance Sheet - One Feeds and One Doesn't

I had an issue with my bank of america account syncing, it was on their end - It was corrected but now I have a duplicate account listed on my balance sheet - grayed out, with the old balance, I’ve made sure it’s unlinked from the sheet, but still can’t get it to correct.

Have you tried the Repair Balance History workflow in the Tiller Money Labs add-on, @slrose27?

OMG thank you! That took care of them on the balance sheet. However I still hav a duplicate on my debt progress sheet - any tips there? In this case on the Debt Progress, they’re both showing the same amount?

Are you talking about the manual/green dropdowns in the first column? You can just manually remove one of the two since they should be the same now.

IN the debt progress sheet

Just clear the contents of the lower cell in the first column. They are referencing the same account.

for some reason I didn’t think I could do that! Thanks so much for your help!

Glad you’ve got it working now, @slrose27.