Duplicate and Reconcile Issues

I’m having great difficulty with this and have searched the posts. See a lot of various suggestions but not the answer.

  1. I create manual transactions. I have been marking them to reconcile even though that message comes up. The transactions come in but running Reconcile never detects anything.
  2. The manual transactions create duplicates when the items get pulled in. They don’t reconcile and running the Duplicate Transactions never detects anything either.
    Thus I never have a sheet with clean data. Always have duplicates that I have to search for and clean up.
    This is the one and only reason why I keep going back and forth about keeping my subscription :frowning:
    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have you tried resetting the Transactions sheet data filter by toggling it off/on?

In the Transactions sheet Metadata column, confirm the manual transaction you want to reconcile has reconcile true.

Yes, I’ve tried that and verified that the code says “true” :frowning:

What is the message that pops up?

Are the transactions coming in from Tiller Money Feeds fill? (not csv import)

I don’t have any experience with the Duplicate Transactions feature, but I do enter Manual Transactions and use Reconcile a lot.

If you have a manual transaction that Reconcile is not recognizing, look at the two transactions. Do the Account and Account # match? Is the dollar amount a 100% match? The metadata that @Mark.S mentions is important. I’m not absolutely sure how Reconcile is looking for matches, but the Date, Amount and Account Name or Account # are definitely used.

Are you entering the manual transactions by using the extension Tiller Money Feeds - Tools - Add Manual Transaction?

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