Duplicate finder hangs

I’m trying to use the community solutions duplicate finder, and when I click on “Analyze duplicates”, the UI just spins and never completes.

I found topic #8193 (the forum doesn’t let me post a link to it) but I don’t think this exact issue is the problem (I don’t have any extra blank columns).

(Incidentally, is there any way to find the code/debug output? I’m happy to help debug but not sure how the system is set up. I figured “community solutions” would be open source but I couldn’t figure out any details.)

I’m afraid that Duplicate Finder is a pretty old piece of code, @jbeder. (We probably should just deprecate it.)

I peeked at the logs and saw this:

Is it possible the process completed, showed you a modal, and you weren’t there to click an option? The Google add-on timeout is relatively short.

You can probably right click on the sidebar, “inspect”, and then navigate to the Console tab to see if the process throws up any errors. Tag me and I can take a look if you find something.

I don’t believe so - I let it sit for a while and no modal appeared.

Here’s a snippet from the Console:

Where can I look at the code? I’m happy to try to fix it up if that would help.

Unfortunately that console message is not very helpful. There is a lot of cruft that ends up in there and I don’t think that particular message is indicative of a problem.

The dedupe workflow is a multi-step process. Are you able to get through the first step to this screen?


No, it never finishes the first step.

Ok… new longshot theory, @jbeder… I noticed some errors in the logs like this:

Invalid value at 'requests[4].repeat_cell.range.start_row_index.value'

Is it possible you have some failed data validations— e.g. old category values in old transactions that no longer pass the data validation in the Transactions sheet with the current category set? It’s possible that the workflow is trying to update some rows but the write is failing due to illegal values per the data validation.

To Find Invalid Categories on Transactions Sheet, use the following formula in a spare sheet cell with rows open below it.


Where Transactions D and Categories A are the Category columns of each sheet, respectively. Change these column letters in the formulas to match your spreadsheet, if they are different.

That’s very likely to be the case - I definitely have invalid categories. This data comes from a Mint import, and there are tons of duplicates and a bunch of invalid categories. I was hoping to eliminate the duplicates before dealing with the invalid categories; it sounds like the tool requires the categories to be valid before deduping? (Why?)

:wave:, @jbeder

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