Duplicate income on Insights and Budgets pages, but no income in Transactions

I connected my checking account to Tiller and my paycheck information showed up correctly, initially. After the first day, paychecks started showing up TWICE in my Insights page under “Top 10 Income Categories” and under “Top 10 Inflows by Amount.”

After seeing the duplicated paycheck information on the Insights page, I removed all paycheck information from my transactions.

Strangely, I now have NO paycheck information in transactions, but still have DUPLICATE income :joy: showing in my Insights page and on my budget pages.

Is there a way to find these hidden transactions and manage them?

Do you have any filters set for your transactions sheet?

No, no filters, but is there another setting that might hide the transactions or cause them to duplicate themselves?

As @richl suggests, I’d try to run this down in the source data: the Transactions sheet. There are hide/show filters in the Categories sheet that may hide data but nothing can be hidden in the Transactions sheet.

Can you find the problematic data there? Make sure filters are off and that the sheet is sorted by date?

Hi @richl and @randy - thanks for your help! Mystery solved - the real issue was my partner and I were both exploring and playing with Tiller :joy:

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I’m glad to hear you figured it out, @Carlotta. Can you share what the problem ultimately was?