Duplicate transactions issue due to manually added entries

Just refresh connection to get new entries and it pulled duplicate entries from January. I wouldn’t have noticed, unless I filtered by the date pulled. I tried seeing if there was a duplicate and the trans ID are all unique.
Is there a usual cause for this and an easy way to detect?

::edit for more information::
I noticed that a large number of them didn’t have transID so I guess they were manual entries, but odd that it pull back since january now vs then, which is probably why I did a manual entry. Also a couple of them had a different full description than the original data pull, and thus different transID

It sounds like you’re all set here, but there are circumstances where in a subsequent refresh our data provider pulls more history than the initial pull. The descriptions you pull from the bank manually can also be different than the descriptions pulled during an automatic update.

Thanks for the reply, always appreciate it, but somewhat all set. What i’m thinking now since I shouldn’t need to enter manual entries for those accounts anymore that issue won’t happen anymore. But what about lines that were filled through tiller and then pulled in again later. I guess other than periodically checking the pulled date is there a way to check if there’s duplicates. I’ve tried the find duplicate transactions tool, but that flagged all the wrong things.