E1 in Monthly Budget - should be weird formatting? how correct/return to default

I was getting ready to set up next year budget by selecting and adding columns when I noticed my cell E1 has weird oversize formatting. Is something wrong? How do I correct before doing my next year budget columns cut and paste, etc?

Thanks, see below!

Hi Larry, Looks like the formatting for column “E” just got messed up. Both the font size and bolding are wrong. To correct it: (I’ve added my circles on the attached screen shot below at the end.)

  1. Select the column by right clicking on the “E”.
  2. Click the arrow next to the number “21” which is font size and select “10” in the drop down.
  3. Click on the “B” to un-bold.


Thanks so very very much.

I managed to do it manually, but how would I have easily changed all cells below the header blue formatted one to the light green. (I can use paint format tool but can only select a limited range.)

So appreciate the reachout!!!


To change the cell color for multiple rows in a column:

  1. With your cursor hovering over the first cell you want to change, press to left click and without releasing drag the cursor down slowly to the last cell you want to change and and then release.
  2. All the cells you want to change should now be highlighted/outlined.
  3. Then select the color you want and all the selected cells will change color.