Easily View Budgets From Phone


I’ve been using the Savings Budget Add-On for a few months now and I like it. However, I’d like to see how much I have in my savings and my current month’s budget from my phone easily. Opening Google Sheets and going to the right sheet >Tab > zooming in takes a while when I’m trying to decide if I want to make a purchase.

Does anyone know of any other Google Add-Ons that allow users to show selected cells in an easily accessible app or web app from the iPhone?

And if not, do you think other users would be interested in this?

Ideally, you would be able to select a range of cells from a Google Sheet which could be easily viewed from an app on your phone.

Thank you,


It takes a little work to set up, but I wrote a script that could help you build a Mobile Dashboard, @kableeth.

Thanks, @randy, I’m pumped to learn this exists!

Let me know how it goes, @sheeley.