Ending Balance Calculation in the Statement tab is incorrect

Trying to reconcile my checking accounts. Say I type a starting balance of $10,000 in the statements tab. Then I type 5,000 in the deposits column and 1,000 in the withdrawals column. Tiller is supposed to calculate and ending balance of $14,000 right? Well, I must be doing something very very wrong because it returns a calculated ending balance of $6,000 !!

Please help… I have used this before in my Credit card sheet without a problem… now its backwards in this other sheet.

Please help

check your account to see if it’s listed as a liability or asset, that impacts how the formula works.

Thank you, yossiea… I thought that it might be it, but for the life of me, I cannot find where to change that…

In the Balances tab I see my three checking accounts as “Ungrouped assets”.

But I cant find where to change the nature of the accounts. Can you please point me in the right direction?

The calculation comes from Balance History. You can change that. However, I believe when you refresh it will go back to how the account was setup. In that case, the best option is on the Accounts tab and do an override. Just change column B to the correct type.
I am unable to find where to change the account type outside of that, but the override should work.

Thanks for your reply,
My template does not have an Accounts tab, nor an “Balance History” tab; I just have a “Balances” tab
Do I need to add a tool or solution to have those?

Thanks again

@jorgeelizondom, these are both hidden sheets by default. If you go to View > Hidden sheets you can unhide them.