Ending balance on Statements tab is empty for all rows for all time

The balance on the Balance History tab is correct. Statements!P2, Q2, R2 have #REF and Statements!V2 has Accounts!$$2:$. The Accounts sheet is empty. The pulldown lists for Statements and Accounts show Invalid: Input must fall within specified range.

Yikes! Sounds like things got a little wonky, @johnxmurphy.

You can either try to use the Version History tool to determine the last time the sheet was working and restore that, or you can follow the steps below to restore just the broken sheets…

The (left side of the) Accounts sheet is usually empty as it just contains optional overrides. If you unhide the area off to the right, do you see an accurate list of accounts? If you see errors or no data (esp with a healthy Balance History sheet) you will need to restore the Accounts sheet.

If the Accounts sheet looks fine, then you probably just need to restore the Statements template.

When restoring the Statements template, make sure to preserve a copy of your past sheet as there are many details you would otherwise need to recreate. You should be able to copy and past the green cells from the old to the new version of that template.

Hope this helps.