Enhance the Functionality of the "Fill" Button


The fill button is confusing and limited in scope to me. Fill means doing the necessary functions, including account refreshing, to fill the sheet with new transactions and balances.

I know Tiller is investigating new aggregators and reworking the Money Feeds’ GUI. In the meantime, is changing the fill function to refresh disconnected accounts possible?


I believe the Tiller folks have previously indicated that the current aggregator limits their (our) ability to do batch refreshes (i.e., click one button and refresh everything). I suspect that might also limit their ability to do what you propose. It would be nice if this process becomes a bit smoother with the new aggregator.

It seems that the fill button can do this function, showing accounts needing refresh and then allowing refreshing of these account(s).

In the end, my question is can refreshing account(s) be incorporated into the fill function so that refreshing account is not a separate action?

I envision that filling individually refreshes accounts as necessary, then downloads all transactions. I don’t understand why refresh is separate from fill.

Right. All I’m saying is that one might have to click the Fill button multiple times to refresh all of your accounts (if I understand the aggregator constraint correctly), so it would replace one annoyance with another.

I need to communicate better. I’d like to know if modifying the fill button so that one press completes all necessary functions for downloading all connected accounts, including accounts requiring refresh.

My case is that out of three connected accounts, one account requires refreshing. Going through the connected accounts button is the only way to refresh this account.

Can this refreshing process be incorporated into the fill function, even if multiple accounts require refreshing?

Thank you for the dialogue.

I can see your point about streamlining the process, @rdc.tiller. As more banks switch to “open banking”, I think we will see fewer refresh issues. We’re also exploring new aggregators and I’m optimistic that could help with bank refresh issues.

Have you considered turning on Auto Fill and then making your daily destination the console to quickly address account refresh issues?


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