Enter to Win "Stacked," the Excellent New Guide to Modern Money Management

Originally published at: Enter to Win "Stacked," the New Guide to Money Management

Tiller is excited to offer a chance for you to win one of five copies of “Stacked,” the excellent and authoritative new guide to modern money management from Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken.

Here at Tiller, we’ve long been fans of Joe and Emily. If you listen to the award-winning Stacking Benjamins podcast you know they’re both entertaining and very well informed.

About “Stacked,” @Peter Polson (founder of Tiller) writes:

“I loved digging into Stacked. I’ve always loved Joe’s sense of humor and smarts. Teamed with Emily, they’ve put together a comprehensive money guide that’s witty, actionable, and thoughtful. The chapter on ‘Setting up Your Money Dashboard’ is especially brilliant, from setting your goal, digging into tracking versus budgeting, and talking with your spouse or partner. Anyone would benefit from these clear steps. It’s a great book and it would make a fantastic gift.”

How to Enter

It’s easy to enter to win a copy of Stacked. Simply share one of your 2022 money goals in the thread below.

It could be a small goal (trimming unused subscriptions) or it could be big (buying a house).

We will choose five entries at random on February 17 and notify each winner via direct message here in the Community.

So share your goals and good luck on the drawing!


We spent more than we earned last year, so my goal is to use Tiller’s budgeting features to help us stay on track!

I had a few very large discretionary items I spent money on last year.
My goal for this year is to track group/category more efficiently to reduce discretionary spending and to track my debt and be debt free by the end of the year.

Goal is to make it one more year as a single income family before my children are in Elementary school. Need to squeeze every penny.

Working towards filling up some of our sinking funds categories and becoming more financially literate

My goal is to pay for my wedding, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and buy a house! 2022 is a big year for me! :money_with_wings:

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We spent way to much last year. Trying to use Tiller and spreadsheets to figure out where we can cut spending.

2022 Goal: uncover opportunities to reduce my variable expenses, specifically energy and water use to create a growing Travel fund for my partner and I.

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Looking for an investment property this year so sharpening our pencils to get everything lined up.

One of my financial goals this year is to write down in full detail the retirement savings plan of both me and my wife.

Increase giving in 2022 by controlling spending via true budgeting (not just expense tracking)

I’m looking to get a better handle on what I’m spending money on so that I can manage both my goals and emergency savings.

My goal is to save another $100k to put down on our new house build.

Having lost our home in the Marshall fire, my goal is to manage the insurance claim, figure out whether to rebuild or sell, and to come out of it having maintained as much of our net worth as possible.


Hoping to increase NW by at least $100k to hit a milestone!

I started using Tiller last year and was using other budgeting tools before that, but I was mainly just looking at transactions after they happened. This year, my goal is to actually create and maintain a budget beforehand, and use it to make sure we spend less than we earn.

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After 15 years of marriage I am really interested in articulating what my rich life is with my wife and how we can be more deliberate about living that fulfilling life.

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Actually sticking to the budget we’ve set so we can rebuild our savings. We are attending 3 weddings this year, so it will be tough - I love to overspend on gifts and charity.

Want to tighten our budget so that I can shift from full-time to half-time, and still meet our travel and retirement goals.

My goal is to build back up our cash reserves after building our house and drawing them down further than I would have liked. Using Tiller to more finely tune our budget!