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Build a new budget to get back into savings mode. Moved to a new city in 2022 and everything is more expensive. My budget is a mess and needs a revamp.

Excited to be part of this contest. Main goal for 2022 is to save enough money for a down-payment on a new house.

Goal is to pay off at least 1 of the car loans. Not spend so much on the house. Do my 1st mega back door Roth.

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My goal is to save even more in my 401K: maximize savings.

My wife and I have a goal to purchase our first house this year. I want to use Tiller to set savings targets and cut budgets where possible!

I have a simple goal: Spend less than I earn.

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Set up an adoption fund

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Finish paying off my credit card debt.

My Money goals is to build a side hustle so i can make more money to pay all my bills and expenses.

My primary goal is to try out the principles outlined in Your Money Or Your Life (and create a Tiller sheet that helps me measure progress towards that goal).

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Pay off credit card debt

Using Tiller to track income and save up for furniture to decorate our new house (thanks for helping make that possible last year :slight_smile: )

For me, 2022 is all about entering financials as they happen. Tiller has been a game-changer for me in this regard. I have gotten into a great habit of categorizing weekly to track my personal and business expenses. It helps me flag errors or subscriptions that I have wanted to cancel and keeps me accountable so tax time isn’t such a burden.

My goal is to save ahead of time for once-a-year expenses like insurance, Christmas gifts, car registration and subscriptions. Save a bit each month for these and when possible take advantage of discounts for paying for the whole year instead of month by month.

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My goal is to make extra mortgage payments to pay off my mortgage early.

Almost hit our goal last year of eliminating revolving debt. So our 2022 goal is to smash through the last bit by May. Then focus on maxing our IRAs and 401ks.

My wife is taking additional time for maternity leave so trimming down expenses and becoming more thankful for what we already have.

Figure out how to stabilize the budget, to live on less and donate more.

My goal this year is to do a major overhaul of my Savings Budget spreadsheet and make it more useable, both for at-a-glance budgeting as well as in-depth reporting such as for income tax itemization. This means:

  • Fewer overall categories to keep dashboards clean and easy to read, leaning on…
  • …More consistent transaction descriptions,…
  • …effective splitting of transactions covering multiple categories, especially reimbursable ones, and…
  • …liberal use of tags and notes for more fine-grain details

The big motivation for this was for tax reporting, as we have a large number of itemizable expenses this year and I intend to squeeze every possible drop out of this year’s opportunity to take the itemized deduction. Going forward, tax season should be much quicker to tally things up!

That aside, our Savings Budget dashboard was too crowded with categories. It was useable, but I got overzealous with categories (over 200!). I’m streamlining those categories to be more aggregate, letting the transaction description do its job.

It’s a big project, but it will be worthwhile!

My wife and I have been using Tiller for a while and love it. It has helped us have direct conversations about our money and live intentionally.

My brother just got married and my goal for this year is to figure out how to share some good financial practices with him. So that we can be on this journey together.

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