Entering Paycheques

I’m looking at possibly transitioning to Tiller from Quicken. Currently, I track our pay cheques in Quicken including various deductions for pension plan contributions, health insurance premiums, income tax deducted at source etc.

Will we be able to do the same thing in Tiller by splitting a transaction and assigning different categories to each split? We would be using the Excel version of Tiller. It looks like each split would have to be a new row/transaction? Is there any way to group those transactions so the ledger doesn’t become littered with all of these splits?


Yes. There is a great community solution by @jpfieber, Paycheck Deductions Generator - Excelwhere you can track and split paychecks. Even without the tool, you can always split a transaction manually. The benefit of this is it has history and simple interface to split every paycheck with few manual actions.