Envelope Budget Adjust Cell Not Working


Numbers are getting stuck in the green adjust cell on my March spreadsheet (only when I am wanting to adjust my incomes, not my expenses). I have searched the help and found the fix of: Add-ons > Tiller > Envelope Budget > Adjust Budgets History. I have attempted this fix but it has not worked.

Any other suggestions?


Hi @dose.tiffany,

Did you clear out the contents of the Adjust cells before running the Analyze Budgets History option?

Also, the Tiller add-on name changed to just Envelope Budget so the menu flow would be Envelope Budget > Envelope Budget > Analyze Budgets History

There is also a more performant, less buggy community built envelope budget solution that works with the Foundation template.

If you’re interested in migrating to the Foundation template and then using this Savings Budget there is also a community built tool to help with that:

Hello! I tried the Envelope Budget > Envelope Budget > Analyze Budgets History and ensured the green adjust box was empty and it didn’t fix. Are there any other workarounds or solutions or do I need to look into this other budget template?


I looked at this again today and several solutions I have tried with no luck:

-Envelope Budget > Envelope Budget > Analyze Budgets History and ensured the green adjust box was empty when doing this
-Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Tiller Money Feeds and Tiller Money Labs and running the analyze budgets history again

I did not attempt to uninstall and reinstall the envelope budget add-on since I didn’t know if that would clear my entire budget and I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on this.

Any further solutions or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @dose.tiffany,

:thinking: The last thing I can think of is restoring the budget sheet using that option in the Envelope Budget add-on.

Honestly, I would highly recommend just transitioning to the Savings Budget sheet I mentioned in my first reply, as you’ll have a better overall experience I think.

Thanks Heather! I spent some time this weekend transitioning over to the savings budget so we will give that a go and see how it works!

Great news, @dose.tiffany. Let us know how the transition goes. It’s a much stronger and more responsive template.

Thanks Randy! Looking forward to using the template! So far in the few days I’ve been using it I’ve been really liking it!