Envelope Budget—create new monthly budget

I followed the directions to try to add a new monthly budget in the Budgets History sheet. I added a new row, called it M03, followed all the instructions and then did “analyze Budgets History.” As soon as I did that, the new budget lines that I added disappeared. Am I missing a step? As we continue to pay off debt, I’d like to create new budgets that allocate the funds differently, so having the option to create new monthly budgets is helpful.

@mcfarlanemeg, if you’re trying to create a brand new budget, use the menu options in the add-on: Add-ons > Tiller > Envelope Budget > Create Budget

Hi Heather,

If I do this, will it add a new sheet? I just want to adjust the budget moving forward. So I guess it’s a new budget, but it’s really just different in how I’m allocating my money. Does that make sense?

Ah yes, I think I misunderstood your original message. This would create a new sheet. Are you trying to add a future budget period for July or some month that’s not the current month?


I tried to follow the guide you provided and it tells me that the addon is no longer available.

I would really want to break down my current budget and use everything in Tiller as it’s amazing so far and I thrive on breaking down my budget to weekly so I keep myself accountable.

any suggestions? I found the two tiller addon’s … but nothing allows for envelope budgeting. That I can find.

Actually everything I find in the help refers to “Money Labs” and the tool it references in all the guides is Disabled by the Admin.

@ctackett6407, are you able to access this link? https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/tiller/44704511724?pann=cwsdp&hl=en

This is the add-on that has the Envelope Budget tool.

If you’re seeing Disabled by admin it could be that the organization that manages your Google Account has disabled certain add-ons from being installed? Or if it’s just a basic gmail account try installing from an Incognito browser session.