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Hi, I’m new to Tiller. My previous budget was via Simple bank. I really loved there system of budgeting, but they are shutting down. I’m hoping Tiller might be my Simple alternative. I’ve been able to setup most of things to match my Simple account. But on Simple they had a feature that if an expense/goal was fully funded, any extra funding would be redirected to my safe-to-spend. Meaning that if a budgeted expense/goal reached 100% funding, and if I haven’t spent anything from it come next budget period, instead of funding it over 100%, it would redirect the budgeted money to an unbudgeted category that I was free to send to my IRA or my savings. I read all about and watched the videos on the Rollover feature, but since my budget is set up weekly most of my expenses are goals. Therefore I need a rollover feature that will look at the savings target to check if it is 100% already or not. If it is then it will rollover to an “other category”. If it’s not then it will fund that goal. Does something like that already exist in Tiller, if not how could I go about doing something like that?

I’ve looked high and low for budgeting apps that will let me budget weekly and Tiller seems to be the closet alternative. I get paid weekly and i’ve thought of all my finances in terms of weeks for a couple of years now, so it is much easier to budget weekly. This last hurdle would’t make me continue my search for another budgeting option because I used to have to adjust things manually on Simple before they released that feature, but it would be a bummer. I feel as powerful as spreadsheets are that it would be pretty easy to implement, ie if(progress)=100 then add(other) else… something like that. I took programming classes in high school and college, but i’ve never done any spreadsheet programming.


@matthew1201 We don’t have a template that does exactly as you described. I’d encourage you to add a feature request using the link below.

The Envelope Budget, the Savings Budget and the Savings and Debt Prototype are all hybrids of what you described, but none of them are automated to do exactly as you described.

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Welcome @matthew1201 :wave: !

Of the Labs solutions out there the Envelope Budget is the only one that allows for weekly budgeting periods. It’s a really powerful solution, but it’s not getting any dev attention right now nor will it likely in the future. We released the Savings Budget as a more performant alternative for “rollover” budgeting, but that one doesn’t offer a weekly period option.

In the Envelope Budget there is a feature that allows you to assign the Rollover To amount to a different category. E.g. left over groceries budget should rollover to vacation fund. These can be unique per budget period and all that configuration is stored in the hidden Budgets History sheet.

There isn’t an automated way to have it change the “rollover to” based on a trigger like you describe and the way it works isn’t intuitive for the way you’re used to budgeting "most of my expenses are goals" so there isn’t a concept of “it’s funded” really - money that isn’t spent is rolled over to the specified category so if you’re saving up for something (to fund it) the actual would be $0 in most recommended workflows with that budget and thus the money would rollover and be “saved.”

If you can figure out the mental gymnastics :man_cartwheeling: of a workflow that would make sense, you could probably record a macro to get you started on a script that would look for a specific value and if it’s X then change the rollover to for the specific period to a different category.

The macro reference link above is from @benlcollins website and he’s a guru for all things Google Sheets so if you have some basic programming knowledge, you can probably pick up a lot quickly from his site and this community :wink: