Envelope Budget - Rollover from last month to this month not working

I recently created a new budget in google sheets using the envelope budget template. I created a number of custom categories, assigned rollover categories to all of them, etc. I was able to link all my accounts and import transaction data successfully and setup starting rollover amounts in June to account for existing funds in my account.

My issue is - when i got to July the rollover and actual fields are all zero’ed out, with nothing rolling over from June to July. I tried running the analyze budget history, updating the sheet, reloading the template, running the rollover adjustment, etc and nothing ever will show up in July.

Looking for some assistance in figuring out what i’m doing wrong here.

Edit: I created a brand new envelope / rollover budget, added a few categories, added $100 in rollover to June, and everything in July is 0, if i catagorize a few expenses and go negative in a category or two in June, the ‘previous’ values in July show correct spending amounts but all other values still show up as Zero.

Hi @mklukas,

The Rollover Tos set in the Categories sheet only apply to the current month, not the past month. So you just need to set the Rollover To manually in the Budgets History sheet for the June budget Rollover To line.

More explained in the video in this section:

Let me know if that doesn’t help.