Envelope Budget Template - monthly analysis tab not working

I am using the tiller envelope budget template and the monthly analysis tab is broken. Looks like the error is in some hidden cells. Looks like the error is in columns Q and R. The columns reference the categories tab.

here is the formula in Q

here is the formula in R


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@fost9508 unfortunately the monthly analysis tab doesn’t work with the envelope budget. It is designed for the Foundation Template, which stores budget data differently. It’s mentioned in the Troubleshooting & FAQ on this page.

There is a way to do envelope budgeting with the Foundation Template though, it’s called the Savings Budget. You can read more about it, and how to migrate from the Envelope Budget, here. Then you would also be able to use the monthly analysis tab.

Thanks Matt. Do you have any experience with the savings budget? Curious if you find it better than the envelope budget template. Thanks,

I just started using the savings budget in January. So I have limited experience with it, but so far I definitely like it better. It runs faster and is simpler to use, without giving up anything that I needed. And I really like that it works with the foundation template and is still being updated and supported by Tiller. There are a few things that the Envelope Budget can do that the Savings Budget can’t, but none of them were important features for me. Those limitations are explained in the second link in my last post.

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