Envelope Budget with Duplicate Categories (uppercase, lowercase)


I’m using the Envelope Budgeting spreadsheet and I’m confused as to why I have a duplicate category (Groceries, groceries). See screenshot below.

In my Categories tab, I don’t see 2 different groceries. Just Groceries (uppercase).

I’m concerned since my Monthly Budget is adding both budgets together.

Thanks in advance.



Take a look at your Budgets History sheet (hidden sheet usually) and see if there is a lowercase “groceries” column to the far right with some amount for one of the lines there. If so, just delete that column and then run Analyze Budgets History from the Add-ons menu > Envelope Budget > Envelope Budget


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Thank you Heather.

At first I wasn’t able to delete the bad column ‘groceries’ because I had a transaction miscategorized as ‘groceries’ instead of ‘Groceries’. I found the bad transaction and re-ran Analyze Budget History. All good.

Thanks again!

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Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it, @Justin.